All about my family

I have two children - Joseph (b. May 1999) and Eleanor (b. December 2002). They're bloody great, and always have been. Joe lives with his mum in north London, having finished at Liverpool uni last year, and is working as a teaching assistant in his old school while he pusues his dream of being a music producer. Ellie is at Edinburgh university.

I've a sister in Toronto who's a nurse - no, actually, she's a retired doctor in Cardiff. Her name is Mary but we all call her Mame.

My mother, sadly, passed away in December 2020 and we sold her house in Muswell Hill - see their Instagram account for the amazing job the new owners are doing in restoring it.

I also have three cousins - Tim Baker, Liz Baker, and Alison White. Tim's older brother, Mike, sadly died in May 2022.

I also have a nephew, William, and a niece, Louise, by marriegs, but I don't see them since the marriage broke up. Will and Lou had a younger brother, Oliver, but sadly he died in October 2012 aged only 28.