A man and his music



Here you will be able to find out all about the kind of music that I like, and hear some of the music that I've made.

For example, here are 150+ tracks that I would choose (if I had to) for my ultimate playlist. I'm certain that I've missed some vital songs, but this lot would get me through a day or so on a desert island.

And here are a dozen great albums that I've been listening to recently for you to identify if you can:

A good point to go from in the future My daddy is the Pope, you know Time slips away The unrescueable schizo
I think I'm getting old Love is all that we deserve What is it? It's to soon to die
He spent all he had on hash I have found the girl that I want to live with Memories aren't real today I get confused every day

Drop me a line if you can identify some of them - I'm sure we could find some common ground to chat about.


Moving on from here you have a few choices:

  • Click here to see a few of my A1 iPod shuffle tracklists
  • Click here to see a list of my top 400 albums and 607 best tracks as they were in 2007 (and so, sadly, pre-AFP!)
  • Click here to read about some of the music I'd like played at my funeral (not that I' planning on going any time soon)

More music

If you like good choral music, why not visit the Tottenham Community Choir home page (I sing with them every Tuesday evening) - or, better still, why not come along and sing along!