Songs and music by Jeremy Browning


All songs feature me on vocals and/or instruments

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New(ish) stuff

Blind v2 (Browning) 2005 - JHB: Vox, guitars, bass, drums. Trying to re-record it digitally on my PC. Not really an improvement

New remixes of old stuff

Tacit (Browning/Chewter) 1984 - JHB: Vox, bass, drums, 12-string guitar. Sue Chewter: Vox, acoustic guitars

All Fall Down (Chewter/Browning) 1985 - Sue Chewter: Vox, guitar. JHB: Bass, backing vox, fx. Bridget O'Keefe: Backing vox, fx

Robot Prowl (O'Keefe/Browning) 1984: Bridget O'Keefe: Vox. JHB: Guitars, bass, drums
Bridget O'Keefe joined us for a few weeks, donating this song and a vitriolic one ranting against (the late) Steve Burgess of Dark Star magazine. Steve was also with us in the beginning - Bridget and Sue rented a room in his flat

A Rhyme, A Time (Browning), April 1987: JHB: lead and backing vocals, lead, rhythm & acoustic guitar, bass, drums.
A song that I wrote and recorded while I lived in a flat in Highgate and had all my gear set up all the time - I can't remember who it's about

Drink Me (Chewter/Browning) 1985: Sue Chewter: Vox, guitar. JHB: Bass, backing vox, drums

Other old stuff

Amazeman (Browning), August 1985

JHB: lead and backing vocals, electric lead and rhythm guitars, acoustic 12-string guitar, bass guitar, drum programming

A very early one, as evidenced by the fact that I'm using a TR909 drum machine (once I got into this properly I bought a Yamaha RX11). It's about a bloke who lives in a maze - I imagine that was supposed to be a clever metaphor but I can't remember what for.

Apple For Now (Chewter), 1985

Umm... Me and Sue C

August Bank Holiday (Browning), 1986

One of my more traditional 'songs'. A plaintive lament.

Blind (Browning), May 1984

JHB: lead and backing vocals, electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drum programming

A track that I'm very fond of. In my opinion it's one of the nicest songs I've written, and I can even remember what it's about. Figure it out for yourself!

Dancing At Whitsun (arr. Browning)

One of my first attempts at multitracking my voice, from about 1982


Eleanor Rigby (McCartney), December 1984

JHB: vocals, electric guitars, bass guitar

I *really* like the feel of this one - a pity the quality is so duff!

Face To The Ground (Browning, with acknowledgments to R.E.M.), December 1987

JHB: lead and backing vocals, lead & rhythm electric guitars, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drum programming

A song about my ex-boss, Teresa. I had a bit of a crush on her at the time, but she was leaving the company and going away. She had also recently starred in our company pantomime - hence the references to sheep bleating. The but about 'missing you now' was written a few years earlier for a different woman, and the 'boy and girl in shattered world' bit was ripped shamelessly from REM.

Forty (Browning) 1996

Written and recorded a couple of days after my 40th birthday.

In The City (Chewter) 1985

Umm... Me and Sue C again.

Love Song (Chewter) 1984

Sue on her own, late one night as she was about to go home. Almost an afterthought but a lovely one. Wonder if she ever did anything with it?

Love To Love You (Browning) 1983

Another one I'm very fond of. Written about CC, who had stolen my heart, in about 1983 or so.

Monarch Of The Glen (Browning) 1984

Infidelity... Barry Dransfield really liked this one. Who???

Morning (Browning) 1986

Very Cocteau Twins influenced

Naked American Man (Browning) 1986

Another Cocteau-influenced one. Featuring quotes from some of my favourite films & TV programmes of the time - how many can you spot?

Sang-Froid (Chewter) 1985

A lesser effort

Saturday Morning Midwife (Marland/Tauben/KirbyBrowning) 1985

A re-recording of a song I used to do in Landslide, one of my first ever bands.

Tacit (Browning/Chewter) 1984

I *really* like this one. I tried to update it recently, adding new parts to the original 4-track, but couldn't really improve it.

The Jumblies Song (Browning) 1985

Written when I was in group-analytic psychotherapy, about the other members of my group. I was pissed off with them for not wanting to change.

The Shrimp Factory (Thompson) 1988

Emil (Max) Thompson and me, with Dougie Hopton on drum things and weird noises

The Victor (Browning) 1984

This sounded good so I tried to do it again.

The Victor version 2 (Browning) 1986

Sue helped out with an acoustic guitar and some different lyrics. Incomplete.

The War Song (Chewter/Browning) October 1985

Sue Chewter: lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar

JHB: vocal, Spanish guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drum programming

I'm highlighting this next one for two reasons - firstly because it features Sue Chewter, with whom I did quite a lot of writing & recording, and secondly because it took me bloody ages to program the drum machine and *somebody* ought to hear it