Records I bought included: Barbra Streisand box set, Peng! (Stereolab),
Number One hits in the UK: Wet Wet Wet - Goodnight Girl, Shakespear's Sister - Stay, Right Said Fred - Deeply Dippy, KWS - Please Don't Go, Erasure - Abba-Esque EP, Jimmy Nail - Ain't No Doubt, Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer, The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode, Tasmin Archer - Sleeping Satellite, Boyz-II-Men - End of the Road, Charles and Eddie - Would I Lie To You?, Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

And: Danny Baker & Chris Evans on GLR
1/2/92: LCP meeting with UKSC chez Lynette Fraser
4/2/92: Pub Quiz (Wandsworth) with Kathy, Anne-Marie, Margaret
27/2/92: Andy Biddulph & Rosa leave
12/3/92: LCP introductory year ends
4/4/92: Assessment interview with Jenny McDonnell
5/4/92: Danny Baker's last GLR Sunday show
10/4/92: Recording Chanter album in Barnet
11/4/92: Jackie Sookai at work
15/5/92: Foulkes lecture (IGA) - Lionel Kreeger
9/7/92: Day trip to Rye & Camber
14/8/92: Anne-Marie leaves
16/9/92: Bought Psion Series 3 - entered 1990s!

Part 9) With a Psion - including extracts from my journal *1
28/9/92: The Big Breakfast starts on Channel 4 - I saw Danny Baker this week in Mortimer Street and told him "Morning Edition 3, Big Breakfast Nil".
5/10/92: The Amsterdam air crash. I don't like this world!
15/10/92: Mame back to NZ, day trip to Oxford and up the tower.
26/10/92: I wanna `pooter! (How) can I afford it? Bought `Journey' after shave this morning, it's very smelly! The blurb says "Journey - a powerful accord of precious woods and spices, a symphony of cedarwood, sandalwood, coriander, pepper and nutmeg... The most important journey a man can make is the one to discover himself... from the striking citrus elements of the top note, through the lightly textured florals to the warm, mossy amber signature..." Well, okay. Yeah, it's pleasant and it's nice to notice all the elements, but for fuck's sake it's just a smell!!! Now how the hell can I get 1000?
28/10/92: Bought my first computer - an Ambra.
13/11/92: Ernie Speller died last week. Matthew at gig, Brian pissing me off, I want to leave the band. Max is staying the weekend.
18/11/92: Gig in Luton - towed home!!!
20/11/92: Windsor Castle fire.
12/12/92: Chanter Xmas party
18/12/92: Bedford Hill Xmas party, last therapy of 1992
24/12/92: Working Xmas eve (Danny Baker's Xmas kegger in Paul's car), then Xmas shopping and I FELL OVER and grazed my knee... ANGRY! Evening gig in Vic.
Xmas eve: What a fucker of a day - and I have still got a gig to do! Began with a hangover (or was itI?), with Danny Baker's Xmas bash on the radio. I was angry again on the tube, angry with cretins calling my name at work, then angry being driven home by Paul with the gear, then angry because I had to go out and shop for cards & presents, then I fucking FELL OVER AND GRAZED MY KNEE, ripping my jeans, then disappointed because the coverdisks with PCFormat mag wouldn't load, and now I'm off to the Vic! Sonofabitch!!!
31/12/92: Bought sound blaster card for PC