Records I bought included: Janis Ian, Andy Gibb & Donna Summer reissues (don't ask...), Fleetwood Mac, Throwing Kristens, Bonzos reissues, Eyeless in Gaza & Martyn Bates reissues, Stackridge reissues, Grateful Dead reissues, Madness reissues, Help Yourself reissues,
Stuff that I got from the Web: ,

13/1/03: Started work for Mobile Innovation. Good job - I'm skint!!!
26/1/03: Natural History (ie dinosaurs) and science museums
16/2/03: Drove round town prior to congestion charging, J and E both slept, then walk on Parliament Hill
19/2/03: I took Joe to aquarium (just the 2 of us)
24/2/03: Builders started downstairs loo & Eleanor's room
15/3/03: Bought new 2-wheeler (with stabilisers) for Joe
20/3/03: At war with Iraq - fuck. Lots of Janis Ian.
4/4/03: Bought Fujitsu laptop
5/4/03: Louise fell off my bike
10/4/03: Saddam is gone...?
12/4/03: Off to Devon, Soar Mill Cove hotel (*2) for 10 days
19/4/03: Saw Tony Yeldham for the first time in 10 years
25/5/03: Lovely day out in Whipsnade
14/6/03: Visited Mary & Maurie in Goring for mum's birthday
15/6/03: Lunch in Banners - lovely jerk chicken salad. Series 5 fucked though
17/06/03: Louise mugged in the park by some bastard on a bike.
19/06/03: Went to the Queens, Crouch End with Simon and John Beckett (Bivouac)
22/06/03: My birthday - a bit flat 'cos Joe ill. Bought a 30GB iPod though!!!
25/6//03: In Oulu meeting Nokia people
30/6/03: Visited Willows Farm - very nice
20/07/03: To Sara & Alistair's for a BBQ. Joe & Isabelle running around & paddling wi' nowt on…
2/8/03: Dishwasher fucked but we're off to Cornwall (St Just of course) for a fortnight. Joe poorly (still) - tonsillitis?
2/9/03: Joe still ill - Is it leukaemia? Panic panic blood test blood test…
28/8/03: Geraldine & Stuart stayed the night - I got a bit pissed playing him some of my old fave albums ;-). I bought a DVD player
3/9/03: Joe starts proper school (reception, half a day for the first 2 weeks and then full time). Eleanor has five-and-a-half teeth and is wanting to stand all the time…
10/9/03: MOT. Last day on Tannoy. Joe blood tests all clear!!! Hooray!!!