Records I bought included: Maighreadh Ni Dhomhnaill, Stereolab (still!), Chameleons "Why Call It Anything"
New stuff I got from the Web (Napster, AudioGalaxy, WinMX etc): Miranda Sex Garden, Mediaeval Baebes

1/1/01: I cut down the apple and elderberry trees. Alison Devere died. Appalling weather - rain at least every third day until... (past Easter at least)
12/1/01: Using Napster (& Audiogalaxy) for loads of Grateful Dead downloads.
13/1/01: London Aquarium
20/1/01: The Caretaker with Michael Gambon
2/2/01: Work visit to Vinopolis
12/2/01: US courts rule against Napster
17/2/01: Barry, Pete and Emil for dinner & a jam
22/2/01: Neck and back of head painful
13/3/01: Joe conjunctivitis again
16/3/01: Police all over the back garden, their dog killed Ruth's cat (Princess)
17/3/01: Gig (Paddy's night) in East Finchley with Roddy.
7/4/01: Two weeks holiday in Norfolk. Rain, foot & mouth, kippers, trains, Thomas the Tank Engine. Joe locked in the car, boating on the Broads.
23/4/01: Serious work on new CSHelp GUI, feeling a bit rotten and C-A. Napster filtered, no Music City servers on WinMX.
2/5/01: Joe's 2nd BD - Brio train set, keyboard etc
5/5/01: To visit Norman & Phyllis.
6/5/01: Jessie arrived. Miranda Sex Garden, Nick Drake & Sandy Denny biogs.
11/5/01: Saw Mark Downey re RSI
13/5/01: Lunch chez Moseley, sledge hammering the garden walls.
18/5/01: UD on a barge trip while being made redundant (I found out Monday evening 21st)
19/5/01: Taylor Brothers (butcher) closed down
27/5/01: Bought bed & bookcase for Joe. Started thinking about "The Help Studio"
1/6/01: Last day at Symbian. So began five weeks of sitting at the PC looking for a job... Joe can sing Wee Willie Winkie on his own!

Part 12 - Life after Symbian
3/6/01: Biking in Broxbourne, car flat battery
6/6/01: Wallet stolen by 5 guys with a knife!
7/6/01: Election - Blair in again, Hague resigned
8/6/01: Christie's wedding in Brighton
14/6/01: UD farewell do at Fountains Abbey - no Jason (row with Simon). Pearl cancelled?
23/6/01: Last visit to the bungalow in Capel.
30/6/01: Barbeque chez Wickens
3/7/01: Bought Seiko watch (bday pressie from L) and got Dell laptop from Symbian
6/7/01: Nasty stomach bug
11/7/01: Interview with Categoric in Leatherhead
15/7/01: Cookham, Marlow & Henley for L's 45th BD
17/7/01: Bought Rio Volt player. Worrying about RSI
18/7/01: London Aquarium again, full of kids :-(
24/7/01: Start with Categoric. Joe waking 2 or 3 times every night...
2/8/01: Louise left MIND in Haringey, we got a new garden fence
6/8/01: Went for a drive to Henley, Marlow & Sunbury. Nice!
24/8/01: Final visit to Norman before he died (he's had a stroke). Joe in grip of a Thunderbirds obsession.
27/8/01: Went to stay overnight with Mary & Maurice in Goring. Nice little break though weather grim.
29/8/01: Experimenting with driving to work - slightly better going in but worse coming back.
5/9/01: Norman dying & not expected to last the night.
7/9/01: Norman died 6.15 am. Had Jessie spayed pm.
9/9/01: Garden party & barbecue at Safi's. Nice.
11/9/01: Hijacked jets slam into World Trade Centre & Pentagon. Awful, terrible, appalling, words failed me. News very confused & Web terribly congested. Is this the end of the world?
14/9/01: Norman's funeral, prospect of inheritance.
27/9/01: Car failed MOT, began proceedings to buy a Vauxhall Vectra.
12/10/01: Went to see Wizz Jones in Crouch End
16/10/01: Redundancies at work (again) - not me this time...
21/10/01: Began rehearsals with Categoric Philharmonic (work band). Stayed overnight in Leatherhead.
3/11/01: Took Joe to Ally Pally fireworks
5/11/01: Joe started play school
22/11/01: Took Joe to North Middlesex hospital with breathing difficulties, he and Louise stayed in 2 nights with an "asthmatic reaction to a viral infection".
30/11/01: George Harrison died
22/12/01: Drove to Cardiff for Xmas with Mame. Saw panto with Linda Lusardi and Sooty, Santa by train in the Brecon Beacons, long cold walks by the coast.