Records I bought included: Nelly Furtado, Steamhammer (reissue), Buffy Saint Marie reissue, Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, Chameleons, Caravan reissues, Touchstone, Relativity, Soft Machine reissues, Mike Nesmith reissues, Sally Oldfield,
Stuff that I got from the Web: Sally Oldfield (later stuff I didn't know existed),

25/1/02: Weekend in CenterParcs Elvedon Forest - very nice (it burned down a few weeks later)
1/2/02: Cocktails with the old UD crew - redundancy looming again...
12/2/02: Bought M-Tron and a mobile phone.Trying to kickstart Cubase again.
16/2/02: Saw The Mikado at ENO
28/2/02: Ripping up the bedroom carpet
6/3/02: Left Categoric, unemployed
9/3/02: Last visit to Phyllis Woodhead before she died
16/3/02: Phyllis died
17/3/02: Gig in the Queens with Wickens
22/3/02: Phyllis' funeral
30/3/02: Queen mother died
2/4/02: Visit to Wetlands centre
3/4/02: Flagstones arrived for back garden, L & me carried several tons through the house!
4/4/02: Registered as unemployed
15/4/02: Garden finally finished
27/4/02: Jack & the Beanstalk at Little Angel Marionette Theatre
29/4/02: Louise pregnant again!
2/5/02: Joe's 3rd BD: off to Devon for a long weekend in the Soar Mill Cove hotel - lubly! Then back to job hunting...
12/5/02: Pickernick in Hyde Park with Symbian UD team
17/5/02: A day out in Broxbourne & Epping. Mood going up and down...
27/5/02: Framemaker course in Greenwich.
1/6/02: Day at Knebworth House, gig with Wickens in Palmers Green. Queen's 50th Jubilee, World Cup, Joe Spiderman-mad.
3/6/02: Back 3 days/week with Categoric until Nov 29th
15/6/02: Visiting Geraldine In Rugby
21/6/02: England out of World Cup (lost to Brazil)
22/6/02: Loch Fyne restaurant (Crouch End) for my brithda.
26/6/02: Bought Boss BR-8
28/6/02: First dating scan - all looks OK
9/7/02: I went to Paradise Park with Joe and play school
21/7/02: Garden party with gazebo. Series 5 broken. Cubase and screenplay (again) with Si.
2/8/02: Builder started work on loft, front room rug arrived
3/8/02: I bought myself a bike - Cinder Kone (v nice!)
9-24/8/02: Scotland (Ullapool, Inveraray, Edinburgh).
30/8/02: Biking continues daily, legs knackered but losing weight!
2/9/02: Dropped work laptop and ruined HDD. Joe jigsaw-ing, gears slipping on my bike
7/9/02: Timing belt snapped on the car. Big hassles with repair and a replacement (hire) car.
23/9/02: Joe started nursery school today
24/9/02: Trying to complete my Sally Oldfield collection via ebay, amazon etc.
28/9/02: Geraldine is coming to stay today, we're going on the Millennium Wheel and then to the Tate Modern.
3/10/02: Will & Louise Murray to dinner
10/11/02: Went to see Barry & George in Brighton
17/11/02: Joe in casualty with breathing problems again - finishing "Blind mk2" song
29/11/02: Left Categoric again
18/12/02: 3 months with Mobile Innovation to start Jan
Xmas 2002: Mum and Mame staying, waiting for baby
28/12/02: Eleanor Rosemary born 10.55am
31/12/02: L and ER home from hospital