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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Where to start…

I’m often asked (actually no, I’m not – I’m *never* asked but wish I were ’cause I’d love to have the conversation) which is the best Grateful Dead album for a beginner to listen to. And my answer is always the same – none of them. With the Dead its kinda all or nothing, you […]

I Always Thought That I’d See You Again

I was 14 when Sweet Baby James came out, and 15 when I bought it. 1970-72 was always the very best period for music, in my opinion, and I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for friends I’ve met who weren’t around at that time – I just wished happy birthday to a friend […]

Blimey, where did that come from?

Well, nowhere. It’s always been around, just not here. I decided to move the content of my other blogs ‘Choir Wars’, ‘Stroke My Little Pony’ and ‘My High Horse Approaches’ from hosted by WordPress to hosted by me. Gives me a bit more control. The posts previous to this one have all been imported from […]

I Don’t Bloody Know What To Call It

If you’ve been following me for a while on Twitter or Facebook, or before that on MySpace and one of my other blogs, you’ll know that I have a number of high horses that I leap on from time to time. So expect more of the same here – rants about stupidity (religion, homeopathy, smoking), […]