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The trials and tribulations of running a community choir

I’ve been a member of the glorious Tottenham Community Choir for four years now (even though I haven’t lived in the area for nearly five) and was recently re-elected to the committee for my third spell as hon sec. To be honest it’s often easier to *not* be on the committee, and to not have […]

Exercising Joke Control

Some time around 1969/1970, when I was about 13, my cousins, Mike and Tim Baker, introduced me to the music of – among others – Roy Harper. Tim turned 60 last week and, in honour of the occasion, I decided to have a ‘Roy Harper day’ where I revisited my entire collection (I have all […]

I bought Eliza Carthy’s new album last week.

More fool me, I should have stolen it first (i.e. downloaded, like I normally do) then I’d have known not to buy it. But I rusted EC not to put out dispensable garbage. My fault. In future I will *always* download albums before I buy them (and I do buy them if I like them […]

A quick (unfinished) post about music sharing and money

I downloaded the new Beach Boys album yesterday, for free. I ‘stole’ it, if you like – I wasn’t supposed to be downloading it for free and the person who shared it wasn’t supposed to be doing that, either (not sure which of us was committing the greater ‘crime”, the sharer or the downloader). Anyway […]

I See You Never

When I was a kid I read quite a lot, which was good. I enjoyed reading. I had ‘one-off’ books that I read once and then never again, and then I had ‘return’ books that I would read and re-read. As I grew older I went through a succession of series of books about boys […]

Shoutalongawitchaseason again

Last night on my way to and from choir practice with the magnificent Tottenham Community Choir my iPod continued to excel itself by offering up track after track of joyous racket for me to sing along to. Apologies to the innocent shoppers in Wood Green Sainsbury’s and, later on, in the 221 bus, for my […]

Sorry That The Chairs Are All Gone

The actual lyric is “worn” but I don’t think that’s as good, and it doesn’t fit as well with the next line. Anyway… With all the recent fuss about Amanda Palmer and Kickstarter it’s tempting for someone like me (who favours the underdog and champions the unheard of) to lose faith and forget what a […]

Pearls Before Swine

Had a disappointing experience yesterday. Nothing major in the grand scheme of things, just something I’d been looking forward to for ages was cancelled at the last minute. Put me in a bad mood for the evening – didn’t feel like going to choir & when I did I lost my rag with the fucking […]

Where to start…

I’m often asked (actually no, I’m not – I’m *never* asked but wish I were ’cause I’d love to have the conversation) which is the best Grateful Dead album for a beginner to listen to. And my answer is always the same – none of them. With the Dead its kinda all or nothing, you […]

I Always Thought That I’d See You Again

I was 14 when Sweet Baby James came out, and 15 when I bought it. 1970-72 was always the very best period for music, in my opinion, and I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for friends I’ve met who weren’t around at that time – I just wished happy birthday to a friend […]