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Monthly Archives: November 2011

>Not Humbug

>Blatant plug for Tottenham Community Choir. We have a few nice gigs lined up over Xmas and New year, check out http://www.tottenhamcommunitychoir.com for further details.


>No, not really. I quite like Christmas really – apart from the god bit. But it’s going to be fun singing with Tottenham Community Choir over the next few weeks, we have some nice gigs lined up. Mosey on over to http://www.tottenhamcommunitychoir.com for further details.

>The Festive Season

>Not a great deal to say really except that we’re full steam ahead for the Christmas and winter season with a major concert and several smaller performances lined up. See http://www.tottenhamcommunitychoir.com for further details.

>Pub With No Beer (Tree With No Leaves)

> When did pubs stop selling beer? When did ‘bitter’ start to mean cold fizzy shit that has to settle, like Guinness? Why don’t bar staff know what ‘light ale’ is – and even those that do, why don’t they know what a ‘light & bitter’ is? It’s a way to give John Smiths pisswater […]

>Sorry, didn’t catch that

>Anyone who has been following me for any length of time will no that before too long I’m going to get saddled up and gallop on over to cause trouble at the homeopathy homestead – but not just yet. Instead, another pate hate: announcers who cannot pronounce English. Now I understand that some people have […]

>Keeping the twins happy

>I had a little rant over on the (ugly) sister blog so I thought I’d better balance it here – this won’t always be the case but it’s probably best to start off with an attempt to present myself as someone with a balanced set of views. Not true, of course, I’m as biased as […]

>Unwanted bloody intrusions

>Whether it’s people making ‘courtesy calls’ to find out if their dimwitted customer support people answered my question satisfactorily, or my bank phoning me to let me know about a special offer that I might be interested in, or Amazon sending me ‘because you once looked at an album by an obscure 70s psych band […]

>Say hello to my high horse

>Those of you who have been following me on facebook or twitter (@W1tchseason) will have noticed a tendency to rant and rave, from time to time, about my pet hates and the things that make me cross. Once upon a time I could rather glibly say that the three worst things in the world, in […]