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Monthly Archives: June 2011

>Biding My Time

> I have written to the MD of The New Tottenham Singers asking that he (or his Webmaster) remove all references to Tottenham Community Choir and all copied content from his site, also to invite him to reconsider their repertoire so that it no longer contains material that was chosen for, and had previously been […]

>Super injunction? Moi???

>This is my blog, mine and mine alone. No-one else has any say in what I write, no-one else sees it until I hit ‘Publish’. If there is a conflict of interest between anything I may put on this blog and any voluntary (or other) position that I may hold in the community or elsewhere, […]


> Seems I upset somebody and, rather than simply ask me to remove or reword my post they threatened legal action. Not a hope in hell since I ain’t done nuffink wrong – apparently they think I am censored by an agreement that I didn’t sign and don’t know anything about. But a friend of […]

>What A Wonderful Choir

> We had our first rehearsal after the half term break last night (also the first rehearsal since Chloe’s wedding – hi Mrs Jacobsberg!), and what an evening it was. Unfortunately Nick wasn’t able to be with us (last minute rehearsal for a gig at the Albert Hall – spose thats a good reason), but […]

>Bak in the jug agane

> Used to be the first day of a new half term was to be dreaded but tonight is the first day of a new half term for Tottenham Community Choir with new songs, new people and a new – dunno what. Why not come along and find out?

>Starting a new half term

> This Tuesday (7th June) we (Tottenham Community Choir) start a new half term, and we’re going to be revisiting some old material to see which songs we want to keep in our repertoire and which we can lose. It’s been a difficult few months in the interregnum, with each of our stand-in MDs having their own […]