Highest Of Horses, Littlest Of Ponies

*Not* "Good Job I Kept My Turntable" (or any other)

>What A Wonderful Choir


We had our first rehearsal after the half term break last night (also the first rehearsal since Chloe’s wedding – hi Mrs Jacobsberg!), and what an evening it was. Unfortunately Nick wasn’t able to be with us (last minute rehearsal for a gig at the Albert Hall – spose thats a good reason), but fortunately Simon Sharp was able to recommend a colleague who stepped in at short notice.
Simona Budd had nothing to prove and nothing to lose, she took us by the scruff of the neck and got one of our best rehearsals for ages out of us. Faure’s ‘Cantique De Jean Racine’ and the choral arrangement of ‘What A Wonderful World’ have long been personal favourites of mine (choir-wise, at least) and we *soared*. Bloomin’ grand, Mary Poppins.
We also had 7 or 8 new members last night (though, sadly, we were missing a few key regulars) so things are looking good for Tottenham Community Choir summer term.
Onwards and, indeed, upwards.