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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Spunk Rock in the sunshine

Victoria Line buggered so travelling in overground on District Line and main line. Enjoying the remastered Spunk Rock (Greasy Truckers) in the sunshine. Much as I adored the ManBand, they really couldn’t have done it without the mighty Terry Williams on traps. And one can’t help but admire and respect Martin Bass for just sitting […]

Outpouring and splurging

Not a great deal to say today apart from that last night was a very sad occasion for because I turned off ‘Being Human’ halfway through. Couldn’t bear to watch it any more. I was glued to and gripped by the first three series, but this one is just crap. Well made crap, sure, but […]

Just what the world needs, another blog.

This is my fifth or sixth blog on the web – my primary one was http://witchseason.blogspot.com – this is where I posted MP3 rips of various albums that I had on vinyl and that weren’t – as far as I knew – available for purchase as CD (or anything else). It went well for a […]