Highest Of Horses, Littlest Of Ponies

*Not* "Good Job I Kept My Turntable" (or any other)

Just what the world needs, another blog.

This is my fifth or sixth blog on the web – my primary one was http://witchseason.blogspot.com – this is where I posted MP3 rips of various albums that I had on vinyl and that weren’t – as far as I knew – available for purchase as CD (or anything else). It went well for a while, had quite a few hits & lots of compliments and thanks, but then I ran out of albums to rip and also of time to update it. My kids got bigger & demanded more of my time, I changed jobs & had less access to the Web, all sorts of reasons why it’s now an ex-blog. I haven’t taken it down and occasionally post a sentence or two to let people know that I’m still alive and will – occasionally – respond to requests to repost something. But it is no longer my main blog.

So I had a couple of others (http://highestofhorses.blogspot.com/ and http://littlestofponies.blogspot.com/) that I created as repositories for some of my longer Twitter rants but they’ve also fallen into disuse – there’s a limit to how many times I can sound off about religion, homeopathy, smoking, organic hairdressing, bad spelling, and people who are paid to make announcements but can’t speak English.

Then there’s the Tottenham Community Choir blog (http://tottenhamcommunitychoir.blogspot.com) – but that’s not mine – and my own Choir blog where I lift the lid and blow the whistle, but nowhere for me to just splurge and outpour for the hell of it. Until now.

I’m implementing a WordPress blog for my work Web site (I’m the webmaster there) and so I need a place to experiment. Welcome to that place.