Highest Of Horses, Littlest Of Ponies

*Not* "Good Job I Kept My Turntable" (or any other)

Spunk Rock in the sunshine

Victoria Line buggered so travelling in overground on District Line and main line. Enjoying the remastered Spunk Rock (Greasy Truckers) in the sunshine.
Much as I adored the ManBand, they really couldn’t have done it without the mighty Terry Williams on traps. And one can’t help but admire and respect Martin Bass for just sitting on the root in 4/4 for 20+ minutes. I’d have been all over the bloody place.

My god it’s a great day for the old ipod shuffle. Not content with Spunk Rock I’ve had Spirogyra ‘Western World’, David Crosby ‘Cowboy Movie’, The Church ‘Shadow Cabinet’, Tyrannosaurus Rex ‘A Daye Laye’, and more to come before I get to work.

Hmm. Was listening to Renaissance ‘Things I Don’t Understand’, pressed something by accident, suddenly it was Mud and Tiger Feet. Great, of course, just… Different.