Highest Of Horses, Littlest Of Ponies

*Not* "Good Job I Kept My Turntable" (or any other)

Pearls Before Swine

Had a disappointing experience yesterday. Nothing major in the grand scheme of things, just something I’d been looking forward to for ages was cancelled at the last minute. Put me in a bad mood for the evening – didn’t feel like going to choir & when I did I lost my rag with the fucking idiot behind me who wouldn’t stop nattering when our MD was talking to us. He’s a friend of mine, nice bloke, but it really fucking annoys me when he won’t shut up.
The choir is sounding bloody good though, I arrived late (went to the pub – well, two pubs) beforehand & when I got there they were already in full flight. even the bloody warmup sounded amazing!
NEW! Watch videos of that rehearsal on YouTube.