My Family

Well there's me, and Louise, our son Joseph (eight) amd our daughter Eleanor (nearly five). We've got three cats, Tillie and Jessie who have been with us for years and the ragamuffin nice-but-dim McGee. No pix of him yet.

Then there's my mum and my sister. Mum lives in the ancestral pad in Muswell Hill - my gran & two aunts used to live there but now it's occupied by a teenage hero of mine, Steve Howe (from Yes). Mame lives in Cardiff, she's a doktor of physick.

My dad's been dead for a number of years now but there's a web page about him. This is a photograph taken at his wedding to Pat Phoenix - I'm in there, so is Mame, my dad's mum and cousin Alison (see below).

Moving further up and back, all my grandparents and their sibs/spouses are also dead, and there's not much point in going even further back than that. But if we move sideways a bit and come down a slightly different route we find, parallel to mum, my aunt Mary (her sister) and uncle Morris. He used to be the navigator on the Queen's flight so he's almost famous. On the other side, my dad's sister Marian is also... yeah. She had a daughter, Alison, last seen (by me) somewhere in Brixton many years ago.

Finally, moving down from M&M, there's my cousins Mike, Tim and Elizabeth (aka Liz). Mike and Tim are married to Shan and Manon respectively, and Liz lives with a nice guy named Ken. Mike and Shan have a son, Tomos, who is the reason I'm writing all this!

So that's the facts, the verbal family tree. As dull and lifeless a piece of writing as you'll find anywhere. But now that the page is here with some boring text on it I can slowly spice it up with anecdotes, pictures and general hoohah.

And I shall. Ner ner ner.