Jerry's fab & groovy album cover ex-quiz

Previously on my Website there was a "fab & groovy album cover quiz" where I showed thumbnail pictures of the sleeves of 16 albums and offered a prize to anyone who could name them all. Only one person got more than half of them so I've decided y'all need Eedukayting. Here are said album covers, and if you click on them you'll be taken to another page that has a brief history of the band and/or how I got into them.

These sixteen albums are among the many that I listened to in my early teens and adolescence - roughly 1969 to 1972. They're not necessarily my favourites now, and a couple are pretty rotten in retrospect. I haven't included albums that I didn't get into until later on; these 16 were either bought (roughly) on the day they were released or pretty soon after.

Oh, and there are two fakes as well :-)

Funny but Oxford Street looks like a runway when it's deserted.
Gimme an F!
Still quiet after all these years
Or maybe even a whole bowl full? I never felt magic as crazy as this
Hats off...
Where but for Coughlan, Hastings, Sinclair, Sinclair would I
Mmmm, tasty! (My copy says 14/6)
Noticably worse sound
Are you hung up? you're my world
What's an atonal apple?
"This here next one's rock and roll!" aqua marina 2.45 already? What was it again...? The messenger, with sharpened heels, flew backwards into whose open arms, and the empassioned pheonix drawls a sad "goodnight" to fiction's tomb. Wot??? 2400 Fulton Street
Oh - by the way, if anyone reckons they'd have guessed all 16 please let me know & I'll set ya a bonus question - so you still might win!