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NEW: Name That Tune!!! This is a very simple piano piece that I - and most other kids - learned when I was tiny. But - what is it called??? Does it have a name? Has anyone recorded it? WHAT IS IT? Tell me!!!

NEW 2: Name That Game!!! This is a wooden game, made by John Galt and co ltd, that we bought from a local school fete. But what is it and how do you play it? Tell me!!!

Engine of the week: Gordon
Gordon is a fast, powerful engine who pulls the passenger express train. He's very proud of this, and that can lead to him being a bit bossy. He's always willing to forgive the other engines if they play tricks on him, but he can also play a trick or two himself. When something serious is happening, he uses his strength to help the other engines out of trouble.


Previous engine OTW: Henry

Gimme the goods... there's a shop near me called "New Age Guardian Light - tarot card, crystal, astrology and over 1000 different types of spiritual material" but I can't be bothered with all that wishy-washy stuff. Give me the New Age Guardian Full Strength any day...
Update - they have a Website! Ur, mumbo-jumbo or wot?

Hmmm... while on holiday in Norfolk this year we saw a sign for a shop that claimed it was
"Open 24:7 except Tuesdays"...

Spelling & grammar

One of the things that makes me chuckle is other people's awful spelling, and I can't help but feel a wee bit scornful when I see pubs and shops that have clearly spent a considerable amount of money on having decorative signs and lettering advertising "kareoke" or that they sell "battery's". As any fule kno, the worst offenders tend to be greengrocres (some almost admit they can't manage it and so you get a sign saying "obbos" instead of aubergines) and so here are a few of my favourites, with some others I've seen around. Roll your mouse over to reveal the real spellings - and email me if you see any other crackers.

Cherch Candolls
Pomme Granite

The shop near where I (used to!) work has a sign asking children to wait in an "ordilly" fashion...
(May 2002): Just came back from a great hol in Devon... but...

Oh - and the Northern Line announcement "The next station with this train is Charing Cross" - that can't be right, can it?

New additions from Chris Napier:
farm near Yatton................P-Y-O TOMATOWS
veg shop in clevedon............."Lunch hour......1.00-2.15"
a long time ago in a supermarket (now not with us) Carrfour................."Lillets 20% off for a limited period only"