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All about ME

Well well well, a whole blank page to myself. Better clutter it up quick before someone thinks I'm capable of being minimalist or summat... I won an award for my Intranet design when I was with Symbian! BTW you can contact me here...

History: More info than you could possible be interested in here but for now a quick resume: Born 1956. Went to Muswell Hill primary school and William Ellis grammar school. Left there 1975 and worked in record shops while playing in various bands. In 1976 Adam Ant stole my band to form the first incarnation of the Ants and so I roadied for them for a while until I went pro with a folk band called Country Wine. Spent the next half dozen years gigging round London and Europe with various bands before realising I wasn't going to be a famous rock star after all and trained as a chef. Worked as a chef for a few years, then went to be the sound engineer at the George Robey & started gigging again. In 1987 I went to work for Haringey Community Workshops, which was great, and then for Wandsworth Social Services doing mental health and psychotherapy work. Bailed out of there in 1997 and went to work for Psion, stayed there through Symbian, was made redundant in June 1991 as the whole industry started going belly-up. Now working for Categoric Software. More info about my work here.

Home: I live in a nice little area of Tottenham, North London, called West Green with my partner of 7 years, Louise, and our 2-and-a-half year old son, Joseph. We also have two cats; Tillie (black with white splodges, recently become a bit fat overweight) and Jessie (sort of white & tortoiseshell).

Work: I'm now quite settled in my new job, scribbling and scribing away for the poor numpties who can't tell a CGI script from an SQL database - ackshully you can include me in there as well. Admittedly I know a fair bit but there's loads I don't know (although I'll learn a fair bit with Categoric of course)! You can read about what I do for a living, look at my CV, and download some examples of my work, on the Work page.

Interests: Louise, Joe, Tillie, Jessie, music, computing, food, the usual stuff.

Family: Apart from the above I've a sister in Toronto who's a nurse in Cardiff who's a doctor consultant and a mother in Muswell Hill who works for Colin StJohn Wilson, the architect who designed the British Library. An aunt & uncle in Berkshire, two cousins in Wales, another cousin in Surbiton, and a fourth cousin last seen in Brixton some ten years or more ago. Alison? Are you out there?

History: If you're interested, here's a summary of all the major things wot've happened in the past 45 years as far as I'm concerned. Some of them deserve expansion and will get it when I can be bothered...

Lost in transit: If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of these people it'd be nice to get in touch with them: Karly Olsen-Haveland, Julia Kamlish, Tommy O'Sullivan, Christina Bunce, Mandy Reynolds,