My own music: I've recently uploaded loads of my stuff to Rapidshare - see here for links and info. Alternatively, here's a very small selection of stuff that I've done that I like in poorish quality for quick download (and because BT Internet only allow me 20MB of Web space).

My 16 crucial albums: I've selected 16 of the albums that I grew up with, and that I think were highly influential on me during my teenage years. Originally they formed a quiz for people to try and see if they could recognise the album covers, but that's gone now. In its place is this summary of 16 crucial albums.

Some of my favourite tracks are on a CD of MP3z to take with me wherever I go, these form the basis of my iPod collection.

My blog. Here's where I post zips of unavailable albums from the past - also some other obscure stuff like live & radio recordings. See Good Job I Kept My Turntable.

Other interesting artists: I've recently rediscovered Jack Thackray, a much better songwriter and wordsmith than many people give him credit for, but apart from him what I've been listening to recently has been dominated by five women: Laura Nyro, Sally (aka Natasha) Oldfield, Janis Ian, Francoise Hardy and Barbra Streisand. Also, Spirogyra (not the MOR jazz band, the early 70s psych folk group) - Martin Cockerham has got to be one of the greatest unknown songwriters of all time!

My take on p2p sharing (a bit old now).