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My email address is jeremy_browning at - that's jeremy and browning with an underscore between them, followed by the @ sign and then In order to try and cut down on the amount of spam I get there's no direct clickable link that you can use to send mail to that address, but you can also (temporarily) click on and that should get to me. Note that this latter address changes regularly, so if you think you might want to contact me in the longer term please use the 'underscore' address.

Link OTMoment (well, OTMoment when I last updated this page - about 2 years ago...): The moment, in Windsor 74, that the police descended upon us. My band (Landslide) had done our set the previous day & we'd already seen Hawkwind, Gong, Magma, Byzantium and Global Village Trucking Company as well as a whole bunch of useless bands. And we weren't ready for this...

Visit Emailio's Martin Backpaker page. He says he's gonna change it soon, but who nose?

Napster and Audiogalaxy are dead, of course, and WinMX isn't a patch on what it used to be. I use Kazaa Lite now. Read my take on the file sharing biz here.
Winamp still rules as the MP3 player of choice, though if you want to rip as well try MusicMatch.
The Ultimate Band List is a good first stop if you want to find out about a particular band or musician.
Stereolab (about the only band I'm still interested in these days)
are a recent discovery, bass guitar & female vox duo. Nice - like Elizabeth Frazer and Eberhard Weber.
Just discovered The Concubines - kinda AOMOR. Microdisney meet Stereolab and the Railway Children???
- Janis Ian, Sally Oldfield...

Windows, PCs and security issues:
Wanna gripe about Windows 95/98/2000/XP? Or wanna get a reeeely cool, small & fast version?
If you're serious about security you should get hold of Scramdisk - free for Win95/98 and a mere pittance for NT.
If you're interested in HCI or User Interfaces in general, check out the Interface hall of shame and Web sites that suck (hope I don't get a mention there!)

I can't help it, I just love Danny Baker's Intenet Treehouse
Fed up with MS Word? Try Word Perhect!!!
Kissthisguy and Movie Cliches are good for a laff

Streetmap is interesting, has maps of the UK and aerial photos of most urban areas.