down with skool
mhs c. 1966
mhs c. 1964

The Muswell Hill Primary School photos feature me and my contemporaries - I can name a few of them (see the individual pictures for details). Also in there somewhere: Simon Cowtan, Pauline Gubb, Gary Wingrove, Deborah Rowse, Sara Birtil, David Rowe, Stephen Gaunt, lots of other faces that I recognise but can't put a name to - and many that I don't recognise as well.

The centre photograph is a bunch of guys that I hung around with in the sixth form at William Ellis School - Simon Moseley, Ben Weschke, Andy Georgio, John Pal, Paul Howlett, Saul Greenberg, Dhev Nair, Nick Crowe and Gordon Winter - and (I think) Anna Trollope.